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Kanye West Sells 2019 Ford Raptor For Record Price

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Kanye West Sells 2019 Ford Raptor For Record Price

Kanye West’s old trucks from his Wyoming ranch just fetched some big bucks.

TMZ reports the rapper’s used fleet of cars were auctioned off at Musser Bros. Auctions last week, and according to the owner of the auction house, Harold Musser, the winning bids for the 7 cars amounted to a whopping $434,780.

The auction reportedly garnered over 137,000 views and 800 bids from people across America, making it the biggest auction ever for Musser Bros. Kanye West’s 2019 F-150 Raptor also became the most expensive Ford Raptor in history after it was sold for a reported $86,900.

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Kanye West, now legally known as Ye no longer has needs for the trucks as he recently traded his massive Monster Lake Ranch in Wyoming for a new beachfront property in Malibu.

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