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404Vincent Wants To Create Music That Resonates With His Fans [Interview]

404Vincent Wants To Create Music That Resonates With His Fans [Interview]
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404Vincent Wants To Create Music That Resonates With His Fans [Interview]

The Toronto native gets candid about his life and ambition.

Canadian artist 404Vincent is focused on carving out a space for himself in the music industry using a style that mirrors some of his biggest influences including Drake, Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean. His ability to make refreshingly honest music that centers around his life certainly makes him one to keep an eye on.

We had the opportunity of connecting with the 21-year old for an exclusive interview. We discuss life before music, staying busy professionally, and his writing process. Read our exclusive conversation with 404Vincent below.

Who is 404vincent?
I’m a 21-year-old artist and producer from Toronto/Kirkland Lake Ontario.

Tell us a little more about your childhood before music?
Before music I didn’t really have much & it was honestly pretty hard feeling like I existed. Primarily because my childhood was involved with me getting into a lot of trouble, I lived in a not so good home environment, never really felt like I fit in anywhere, and I had never really asked for help in any situation whatsoever so with that came a lot of isolation. So then, isolated, I ended up getting heavily involved in computers, and playing games and skateboarding, soccer, and a lot of digital art.

When did you start making music?
I started making music when I was really young, probably like 12-13, it was never really that serious but I remember using my console headset to record myself on audacity and doing not so good remixes and covers to the current radio songs. – Music became a lot more serious for me in highschool when I met Milroze (Ryan) through mutual friends.
We both had a love for music and the creativity behind making most of it yourself, he taught me how to mix my vocals and how to carry myself with more confidence when recording, and it just became so much more real.

What keeps you busy professionally?
I want to retire my mom and also be able to have financial freedom outside of that. It’s a massive motivator for me because I grew up watching my mother make insane amounts of sacrifices just to keep my sister and I happy. I don’t feel comfortable where I’m at right now, but I’m also extremely grateful. I just want to have everyone around me happy and, I dont want anyone around me to worry about taxes, bills, mental health, etc. Especially my mom. She hasn’t had any time for herself in years, and until I see that comfortability I just don’t think I’ll stop being busy.

If you wanted to make anyone a fan of your music what song will you play for them?
That’s a hard question to answer [Laughs]. First I would ask them what music they like, because I feel my discography offers a range of different sub genres and sounds that anyone could enjoy. Pisces being more hip-hop/pop infused, booted up and I’m so stressed being more rap/aggressive, and I even have several more relaxed songs. Although, my personal favourite right now is exposure so I would recommend that to new listeners regardless.

Can you walk us through your thought-process when writing a song? What goes through your mind?
They all happen somewhat differently but I always start with the beat.
I cycle through beat packs and i freestyle melodies to them, once I have a general idea of how the structure and flow is going to sound I start recording freestyles and even sometimes non audible words in the melody of the song, and once I have that down I write to it and polish up the record.

Tell us about ‘Pisces

Pisces is a song about distanced relationships and the struggles within, although that seems very broad at first, it has more of a meaning to me personally because there is context within that only I and the other person involved in the relationship would know, and I also wanted to make it as relatable and catchy for my fans as possible, and i think once the video
Comes out, everyone will have a better understanding to the storyline. It all ties together.

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