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Kanye West Blames DaBaby’s Team For ‘DONDA’ Delay

Kanye West Blames DaBaby’s Team For ‘DONDA’ Delay


Kanye West Blames DaBaby’s Team For ‘DONDA’ Delay

Kanye West Blames DaBaby’s Team For ‘DONDA’ Delay

Kanye West shares his texts with his manager & DaBaby showing the reason why DONDA has not dropped yet.

UPDATE: DaBaby’s manager, Arnold Taylor calls cap to allegations that he tried to block DaBaby from appearing on Donda.

This is CAP,” he wrote. “I woke up this morning to this social media bullshit. I never got a call or email from @kanyewest @__bu @johnmonopoly I just received it today and Cleared it in 2 seconds.

“Why wouldn’t I want a hit song out when #SCMG is all about the growth and culture of Hip Hop and my artist!!! To all of the media blogs and outlets don’t believe everything you see in a post, thank you!!! #SCMGShit.”

Original story: Kanye West held his third album listening event for DONDA on Friday, and just like the last two events in Atalanta, the album failed to drop. Fans are starting to get bored of his antics, but he has a good explanation behind the delay this time… it’s all DaBaby’s fault.

The billionaire rapper shared a chat exchange with his manager Bu Thiam on his Instagram hinting as to why the long-awaited album failed to hit streaming services on Friday.

According to the text, DaBaby’s manager, Arnold Taylor refused to clear Baby’s verse on Jail, and Kanye is refusing to release the album if DaBaby’s verse isn’t on it because he considers him his brother. (Shots fired at Jay-Z who was originally featured on the song? Maybe not…)

“DaBaby manger isn’t clearing “Jail” so we won’t be able to upload unless we take him off,” Bu wrote in his text.

“I’m Not taking my brother off,” Ye replied. “He was the only person who said he would vote for me in public.”

DaBaby said he wasn’t aware his manger is refusing to clear his verse and vowed to hit him up because God’s plan “can’t be stopped.”

Ye reportedly turned in the masters for ‘DONDA’ to streaming services on Thursday and the long-awaited album was finally set to arrive this weekend, but now we know why it failed to materialize.

It’s all shaping up for a Drake vs West head to head on September 3rd. Hopefully the fans keep it civil.

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