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Chuck D Says Hip Hop In Africa Has Surpassed That Of The USA

Chuck D Says Hip Hop In Africa Has Surpassed That Of The USA


Chuck D Says Hip Hop In Africa Has Surpassed That Of The USA

The legendary rapper believes African Rappers Are More Innovative Than American Rappers.

Chuck D is showing support to the motherland.

Chuck D has become a strong supporter and advocator of African music and his latest show of solidarity for music from the A continent came in the form of a tweet.

Following the USA’s men National basketball team’s surprising defeat to Nigeria’s D’Tigers earlier this week, the Public Enemy co-founder took to Twitter on Sunday (July 11) to say there’s a tide shift and to also argue that rapper’s from Africa make superior hop hop to Americans.

“AFRICA passed USA a decade ago regarding HipHop RAP music,” he tweeted before outlining his reasons. “1. More diverse topics . 2. More dialects 3. Beats tempos and instruments wider. 4. More women involved 5. Hungrier with real stories no kid sht.

“Seen it myself & now today Nigeria shocks USA Basketball. Black is Black,” he added.

In no time his comments were filled with reactions, mostly negative and unnecessarily derogatory. Some fans called him out for his opinion whilst others (mostly Africans) agreed with him.

One person tweeted, “Damn, Chuck D is losing it. It’s no way Africa has surpassed America in hip-hop.” The Long Island native then replied, writing “Nah I ain’t lost a thing I named clear reasons why. I do this . Seen it heard it world wide. Curate it thoroughly, Rstvapp.com . Ain’t my imagination. Ain’t a myth or brand.”

Checkout some more reactions below. Black on black racism is actually a thing.

The vereran hip hop rapper runs a Rap radio show that caters to die hard hip hop fans from all over the world. What do you think?

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