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Cardi B Prays For Quick Recovery For Kulture

Cardi B Prays For Quick Recovery For Kulture


Cardi B Prays For Quick Recovery For Kulture

The “WAP” super star’s 3-years old toddler is struggling with her vision due to her swollen eyes as a result of the bad reaction.

Cardi B Prays For Quick Recovery For Kulture After A Mosquito Bite Left Her Eyes Swollen.

Cardi B’s toddler keeps getting bit by mosquitoes and she’s heartbroken about it.

The UP rapper said in a Twitter voice note that her soon to be 3-years old daughter, Kulture is suffering an allergic reaction from a mosquito bite.

“Guys, I’m so sad… I’m just gonna tell you a little bit about my day. I am so sad because my daughter got bit by a mosquito again,” Cardi said.

“I don’t know if y’all remember last year, I think I showed you a bit how my daughter’s eyes were so swollen because a mosquito bit her? Now, this year, a mosquito bit her and it swelled both her eyes – she could barely open one of them.”

“I’m just so sad. Just looking at her face literally had me tearing, and her daddy almost cried as well,” Cardi added.

Cardi says she’s praying the reactions fade away before Kulture’s three years old birthday this weekend.

“Gosh, her birthday is on Saturday and I’m just praying…, praying that her swellness goes down. Like, just praying.”

“I hope that her shit goes down before her f*cking birthday,” she added. “But it just looks swollen, like… I can’t wait to take her to the (doctor)… well, I can’t take her because I’m in L.A. working my ass off, but my sister is going to take her to see the doctor.”

The Bronx rapper recently announced that she’s pregnant with her second child. She made the big reveal at the 2021 Bet Awards, while performing with Migos.

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