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Video: Neak “What Would 2Pac Say”

Video: Neak “What Would 2Pac Say”
Featured image courtesy Neak

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Video: Neak “What Would 2Pac Say”

Neak “What Would 2Pac Say” (Dir. APJFilms).

Chicago native Neak returns with a new video for “What Would 2Pac Say,” one of the standout joints from his latest album INNENSTADT.

Tupac Shakur was very vocal about injustice and political issues when he was alive. 25 years after his death, Neak sees the world through his eyes and wonders what the late Cali rapper would say about the current affairs going on in the world. The video features imagery and sound bites from the legendary rapper.

What Would 2Pac Say is an emotionally-charged video designed to highlight the possible thoughts of 2Pac of our world nearly 25 years after his passing. The visual imagery takes us on a ride through our current world and questions, “What really has changed?”


Watch the video below.

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