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Best Lil Baby Guest Verses

Best Lil Baby Guest Verses


Best Lil Baby Guest Verses

Best Lil Baby Guest Verses

Lil Baby is a deceptively good rapper and currently the hottest rapper in the game. We look at some of his best guest verses so far.

15 of the best Lil Baby guest verses.

We’re officially in the Lil Baby era. The Atlanta rapper has seen his price skyrocket in a tremendous short time. His rapid approach to tracks, innate charisma, and nimble flow separates him from the crowd and has made him one of the most sort after artists in hip hop currently.

Lil Baby isn’t oblivious to his current status as hip hop’s new in-demand go-to-guy either. The Quality Control rapper last year revealed in a tweet that he wants no less than a $100k for a verse.

Despite the hefty price tag, there’s a few in his circle including Lil Durk and Quality Control Records boss Pierre “Pee” Thomas that believes a Baby verse should be worth double. (That was 2020, a Baby verse may actually be worth double of that now).

And why not? Lil Baby is everywhere at the moment. The Atlanta artist’s meteoritic rise is no down to luck, but precision. Since arriving on Atlanta’s rap scene in 2017, Baby has been putting in work. The Bigger Picture rapper dropped four projects in 11 months; the following year, he dropped 3 more projects in the space of seven months, ensuring his name and music stayed in rotation.

Baby is undeniably the hottest rapper right now, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing for him. In the beginning Baby paid Young Thug and Gunna to teach him how to rap, and also help him get over his early indecisiveness. Baby was reluctant to do music earlier in his career, and only took it seriously when he got out of jail.

In May 2018 he dropped his debut album Harder Than Ever, the project debuted at no. 3 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Baby’s pen game has always been strong and now more than ever fans are starting to take note. His work ethic, ability to deliver an incredible hook paired with melody-inflected rapping makes him one of the most magnetic rising stars of hip-hop.

Baby hasn’t looked back, and instead continues to get better. With collaborations with the likes of Drake, T.I., and Lil Wayne under his name. Baby won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. So buckle up and enjoy the Lil Baby era. In tribute to his amazing run and blazing features, We take a look at some of the best Lil Baby guest verses of his career so far.

DJ Khaled Feat. Meek Mill & Lil Baby “Weather The Storm”

Lil Baby reflects on the trying times in the prayerful “Weather The Storm” from DJ Khaled’s Father Of Asahd album. “Never take it personal, it’s whatever when we handling business/We been through the worst, them situations we can never mention,” Lil Baby mirrors on his verse.

DJ Khaled Feat. Meek Mill, J Balvin, Lil Baby & Jeremih “You Stay”

On the downtempo track, which samples La India’s 1994 track “No Me Conviene,” Meek Mill, Jeremih, J. Balvin and Lil Baby ponder why women continue to stay loyal to unfaithful men. “I think you too loyal / I think you do too much for someone who don’t do shit for you, girl,” sings Jeremih on the song.

Lil Baby adds; “You give him chance after chance/‘cause you say maybe one day, he’ll grow up and be a man/And lately, you been pouring out your heart on the ‘Gram
But you been playing your part from the start, I understand.”

Quavo Feat. Lil Baby “Lose It”

Over production from Vance & JADED, Quavo & Baby deliver their signature flows & spit some braggadocios bars about their luxurious lifestyles.

“What am I gonna do when all these girls
In the city goin’ crazy over me?
Take the tints off the car so they can see me
Slick,” he brags. “intimidatin’, niggas wanna be me/PJ when we creepin’, they won’t ever see me/Ain’t too into cameras, but they got to see me/Diamonds on my fingers, I’m a superstar.”

The record itself serves as the second time Quavo & Lil Baby have connected for a song, their first being Quavo’s appearance on the “My Dawg” remix.

Joyner Lucas Feat. Lil Baby “Ramen & OJ”

Joyner Lucas and Lil Baby take a trip down memory lane on “Ramen & OJ.” On the introspective track Baby reflects on his come-up: “I could never go back to the bottom / Sellin’ drugs, never know when the cops come / Ni**as jealous, they wanted to rob us / I was just tryna get me some dollars.”

Gunna Feat. Lil Baby “Sold Out Dates”

Moneybagg Yo Feat. Lil Baby & Rylo Rodriguez “No chill”

Yo Gotti Feat. Lil Baby “Put A Date On It”

Lil Baby joins Yo Gotti on his new lavish single “Put A Date On It.” While Gotti delivers gritty street tales (“I’m from the streets, you gotta pay with your life”), Baby raps about closing monetary deals on his iPhone, copping the Rolls-Royce truck, and sends a warning to the competition: “A rap ni**a better not diss me ’cause I run with hittas.”

Lil Wayne Feat. Lil Baby & Big Sean “I Do It”

T.I Feat. Lil Baby “Pardon”

Old school meets new school. On the triumphant track, produced by June, The Genius and Hitmaka, Tip reflects on his come-up. “Came away from selling weed in the envelope to Puff Daddy standing with me in chinchilla,” he raps, while Baby comes through with another winning verse about his insane work ethic.

“I got people askin’ me, “What the fuck done got into you?” I done put it all on the line, I knew that the rent was due, he raps. “Hard to go and get it, no trippin’, it wasn’t no handouts
Corner store got hot, we start sellin’ ’em out my man house.”

Lil Durk Feat. Lil Baby “Finesse Out The Gang Way”

Polo G Feat. Lil Baby “Be Something”

NLE Choppa Feat. Lil Baby “Narrow Road”

Jack Harlow Feat. Lil Baby “Face Of My City”

On “Face Of My City” Jack Harlow manages to bring out a version of Lil Baby we aren’t used to. While maintaining his usual boastful cadence, the Quality Control rapper towers above his competition and assumes the role of a father figure.

“I ain’t beefing with them ni*gas, they kids,” he raps. “I should put ’em over my knee and spank ’em/ I was thinking that they would’ve been thankful.”

Off Jack Harlow’s debut album That’s What They All Say.

Drake Feat. Lil Baby “Wants And Needs”

Drake almost never gets shown up on tracks, but Lil Baby skated all over this with one of the hardest verses of his career. “I’m from the four, but I love me a threesome/DM her, delete it, she my lil’ secret,” raps Baby. “He tryna diss me to blow up, I peep it/I can’t respond, we just go at your people.”

J. Cole Feat. Lil Baby “Pride Is The Devil”

J. Cole and Lil Baby connect for Pride Is The Devil, from Cole’s sixth album “The Off-Season.”

Baby raps about taking no days off and using the momentum to take over the game. “I’m a boss, my closet leather/Ain’t no off-days on my schedule,” he raps. “Long as I live, we live forever/Told my twin this shit get better
These niggas done slipped, let me ahead ’em.”

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