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Video: Yung Mal “Got It Together”


Video: Yung Mal “Got It Together”

“Got It Together” is the Opening Track from Mal’s New Project 1.5 Way Or No Way.

Yung Mal Shows Us the 1.5 Way in the Motorcycle-Heavy Video for “Got It Together.”

With an inimitable flow and an appetite for flexing, Yung Mal is determined to put his city on his back. Returning to his home neighborhood with a fleet of bikers, Mal shares “Got It Together,” his new music video.

Armed with a confrontational instrumental from King Philip & Greg Gate$, Yung Mal succinctly summarizes his boss bonafides as he weaves between sirenic synths: “I turn sh*t to sugar, 20K for the booking/10K for the bodies, killer fly way from Brooklyn.”

In the video, dedicated to the late rapper B4L Trip, Mal posts up in his 1.5 neighborhood, rocking a designer bucket hat as he directs a crew of dirtbikers to do his bidding. “Got It Together” is the invigorating opening track to 1.5 Way Or No Way, Mal’s brand new mixtape.

Named after the neighborhood in which he grew up, and for a phrase that was a favorite of his late homie Plug, 1.5 Way Or No Way is a mature and versatile effort. Mal’s rhymes are more polished and precise, reflecting the perspective of a father of a young son and daughter and a neighborhood leader who bears the hopes and dreams of his friends on his back.

The new project features contributions from some of the South’s most prominent names, but also makes space for Mal’s close friends, including producer Gutta Tay, 1.5 Da Label signee Real Taker, and Mal’s longtime rap partner Lil Quill.

Watch Got It Together video above.

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