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wifisfuneral Turns Up the Heat with ‘Smoking Mirrors’ EP

wifisfuneral Turns Up the Heat with ‘Smoking Mirrors’ EP


wifisfuneral Turns Up the Heat with ‘Smoking Mirrors’ EP

The Palm Beach County Native Shares a Haunting New Video for EP Highlight “CC Demon.”

wifisfuneral Shares Smoking Mirrors EP, Available Everywhere via Alamo Records.

Expanding his introspective style to include auto-tuned melody, wifisfuneral is never content to remain artistically stagnant. Moving his sound forward with a new EP that combines his new and early styles, wifi shares Smoking Mirrors.

Spanning seven tracks, the new EP combines wifi’s inward-facing lyrics with souped-up production, with speaker-knocking percussion and energizing synths, giving his music a vital rush that behooves his hyperactive state-of-mind.

The EP juxtaposes wifi’s dark night of the soul ruminations with in-depth examinations of wifi’s romantic entanglements, delivered in twisty, melodic flows. “Smoking Mirrors” features production from wifi’s frequent collaborator Nvbeel, but also reaches outward, bringing JetsonMade’s subsonic 808s for recent single “CC Demon” and Harry Fraud’s organ-drenched boom-bap for “ScratchUrBack.”

Home to “Where I’m Going,” a forward-looking single that expands upon the melodic sound he introduced in his 2020 album PAIN?, Smoking Mirrors is available everywhere via Alamo Records.

Along with the new EP, wifi shares the paranoid clip for the JetsonMade-produced “CC Demon.” His flow bouncing on Jetson’s trampoline 808s, wifi falls into a toxic relationship in the song, giving into attraction and plunging headfirst without dwelling on the potential consequences.

In the new video, directed by Bobby Astro, wifi is stalked by a mysterious vixen, who attempts to lure wifi out of his house and commit untold mischief. “CC Demon” is the second video from Smoking Mirrors, following the surreal clip for “Where I’m Going.”

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