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Twitter Debates Whether Big Sean Is A Good Rapper

Big sean


Twitter Debates Whether Big Sean Is A Good Rapper

Fans are debating whether or not Big Sean is a good rapper.

Is Big Sean a terrible rapper?

Fans are debating whether or not Big Sean is a good rapper after a Twitter user tweeted “who’s the worst rapper you’ve heard n why is it big sean”

The tongue-in-cheek question in no time erupted into a full Twitter discussion about Big Sean’s pen game, with majority coming to Sean’s defense. Some of the responses are brutal… reader discretion is advised.

“outta all the trash rappers theres is rn u really goin for sean? like jcole, don toliver and migos aren’t there,” one user quoted.

“Y’all think Big Sean is the worst rapper, when 69 exists?” Another user said.

Read more responses below.

Others seemingly agree with him using Sean’s verse on “I Do It” where he raps “I’m Quagmire I f*** hoes, my cashflow I giggity-get it” as reference.

Big Sean is all about positivity these days. The Detroit rapper recently launched a wellness segment with his mother Myra Anderson. The video series presented by Sean’s foundation will focus on helping people deal with their mental health using low-cost coping techniques such as Sleeping, diet, meditation, exercise and the emotional freedom technique.

“Sean and I wanted to share some of the no- or low-cost techniques that we have used over the years to help us attain and maintain emotional balance. In the future, we may do a deeper dive into some of these techniques and other tools that we use,” his mother Myra said in a statement.

“I feel that Mental Health Awareness Month is the perfect time to talk with my mom about some of the things I have learned from her that have helped me along the way, and I hope will help others,” the 33-year-old rapper added.
Each episode of the video series will include a 10 to 15-minute conversation between the pair. The episodes will be posted every Saturday on the Sean Anderson Foundation site and their IGTV channel.

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