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Creative Weekly: Jay-Z, Pop Smoke And The Game

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Creative Weekly: Jay-Z, Pop Smoke And The Game

Creative Weekly is a magazine-styled segment that highlights some of the week’s biggest hip hop stories you may have missed.

This Week’s Creative-Weekly: Jay-Z can’t be stopped as he embarks on his new money making venture. Gruesome details about Pop Smoke’s death revealed, lastly, The Game reveals his Top 10 rappers alive list. Get your news fix below.

Jay-Z Files Trademark For Production Company

Jay-Z is in the process of starting his own production company, according to TMZ.

The rap mogul, under his S. Carter Enterprises company filed to trademark “2/J” on May 3 for “entertainment services in the nature of creation, development, and production” of television programming, TV series, movies and similar projects.

If it turns out to be true, the move will continue Jay-Z’s foray into business. The Roc Nation founder has already made a fortune from his streaming service Tidal, which has been acquired by Jack Dorsey’s Square for $350 million. Not forgetting his own cognac with D’Usse. Just last year Jay launched his own premium cannabis brand, Monogram.

Pop Smoke’s Murder Details Revealed

New details surrounding the unfortunate death of Pop Smoke has been released.

Pop Smoke was killed February 19, 2020 at his Airbnb home In Hollywood Hills and according to new reports by New York Daily News, he was killed by a 15-year old teenager.

LAPD detective Christian Carrasco, who gave a thorough analysis of the events on February 19 said intruders broke into Pop Smoke’s Airbnb rental at around 4am, while Pop was still in the shower.

According to Det. Carrasco, a woman who was with Smoke at the rental said she heard screams coming from the shower area. She said Pop Smoke ran out of the bathroom and then “she heard a loud pop and [heard] Mr. Jackson fall to the ground. Two other individuals began to kick him.”

On hearing her son was kicked, Pop Smoke’s mother, Audrey Jackson, who was present at the hearing on Friday became visibly upset.

“I didn’t know any of this. It’s all new. I just knew my boy was gone,” she said.

“I don’t know what I thought being here would do. I thought something would happen that would help me feel differently. But to hear they kicked him when he was down. It’s so disrespectful and dishonorable. There was no honor in this. And the irony in this is that those same kids are the kids he said he made music for,” she added.

“There need to be consequences, sufficient consequences,” she continued. “But as a people, we have work to do. Our children are killing each other. This just makes absolutely no sense to me.”

LAPD detective Carlos Camacho testified Friday (May 7) at a preliminary hearing for a different suspect – Corey Walker, 20 (He is the sole adult defendant in the case). Camacho said the teens inside demanded Pop Smoke’s jewelry, which he was still wearing, and even said “Thank you” when it appeared that the rapper was complying. But the Brooklyn rapper then decided to fight back and “rushed” the intruders, who “pistol whipped” him before the 15-year-old suspect shot him in the chest.

Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Jackson was rushed by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood where he was pronounced dead.

The Game Reveals His Best Rappers Alive List

We’re not sure who, why or what prompted The Game to share the names of his Top 10 rappers, but do we even know why he does anything these days?

The Compton rapper took to Twitter to unbiasedly reveal the people he believes are the ten greatest rappers alive.

JAY-Z takes top honors, followed by his Sorry Not Sorry collaborator Nas. Lil Wayne ranks third, while Eminem could only manage fourth place. Kendrick Lamar also earned a spot in Game’s Top 5.

Although he was generous enough not to include himself in the debate, Game believes he’s equally as skilled as the rappers on his list. “I’ll go bar for bar with anybody on this list,” he boasts.

See Game’s full list below.

Creative Weekly is a magazine-styled segment that highlights some of the week’s biggest hip hop stories you may have missed. Be sure to follow us and subscribe for more updates.

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