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Cops Shutdown Chris Brown’s 32nd Birthday Party

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Cops Shutdown Chris Brown’s 32nd Birthday Party

Cops Shutdown Chris Brown’s 32nd Birthday Party

Chris Brown’s birthday party was shutdown because neighbors felt the music was too loud.

LAPD shuts down Chris Brown’s wild birthday party.

Chris Brown celebrated his 32nd birthday on Wednesday (May 5) and as expected it was a crazy affair – so crazy that cops had to shut it down so the neighbors could sleep.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they received multiple calls about double-parked cars all over the neighborhood and loud music that continued into the early hours of the morning coming from Chris Brown’s house in the San Fernando Valley.

The LAPD eventually showed up with squad cars and a helicopter to Chris’ house on Thursday around 2 AM where they met with his security. The music was later turned down but that also signaled the end of the bash, which Law Enforcement estimated had between 400 and 500 guests in attendance.

The LAPD were able to clear the area without making an arrest. However, parking tickets were issued for improperly parked cars.

Maybe Chris should have invited the neighbors.

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