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Find Out How You Can Use Music Match To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Learn how you can use Music Match to take your music career to the next level


Find Out How You Can Use Music Match To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Image courtesy Music Match

Find Out How You Can Use Music Match To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Music Match is a great platform to meet people who share your taste in music and interact with them through comments and shares.

Music Match: The Future Of Music?

I recently found a new platform that helps musicians take their music to the next level – you may want to check it out. 

If there’s such a thing as a golden age in music, I believe it is now. Digitization has made it possible and hassle-free for artists to reach a wider audience with their music as opposed to the age of Vinyls and CDs, where songs had to be passed out by hand and musical ideas could only be shared in person. Believe it or not but there was a time when you had to go to physical stores to listen to the latest musical releases from some of your favorite artists.

Now with the advent of the internet, an artist in Kampala, Uganda can with the click of a button share his music and have it played in a different continent. Fascinating right? This technological advancement has made it relatively easy for upcoming artists to breakthrough and connect with other creatives from several parts of the world without leaving the comfort of their homes or bed. Exposure is an underlying reason for the growth of this industry and I reckon it is going to get even bigger as the world gets smaller.

As a music enthusiast and creator, I am constantly searching for new ways to enhance my musical experience, whether through connecting with other music lovers online, searching the web for the right sample or just fiddling with ideas. I try to ensure I am in the loop with all the latest technological advances – so when the kind folks at Music Match introduced me to their new music software, it peaked my interest and I became curious to understand the intricacies of how it worked. Thankfully they were more than willing to answer all my questions, which we will get to shortly. 

Creating music is fun, however the process can be daunting sometimes when you lack the right inspiration, or music buddy, but with Music Match there’s an an array of hope for people looking to connect with other creatives with similar ideas and taste in music.

Music Match does exactly what the name implies. The service aims to bring together musicians from all corners of the globe and give them an engaging, simple to use instrument, that allows them to get to know each other and collaborate on music. 

It’s like a dating app, but for musicians

music match

It’s like a dating app, but for musicians.

Like the popular dating app Tinder, you can swipe left or right to reject or connect matches. You get matched if the composer of that idea swipes your music to the right as well and you can see the basic information about that particular member or song idea.

The platform is created solely around music and has features that allows you take inspiration from thousands of tracks uploaded by fellow composers, comment and react on musical samples, get in touch with other musicians to discuss how to bring a track to the next level. You can also start a new song idea based on any sample you find on Music Match. The software is very versatile with numerous possibilities.

The site has a very easy sign-up process that lets you choose from a list of genres at the time of sign-up to suggest similar matches for you. You also get a quick 5 minutes tutorial on how it works.

The user interface is like a dating app only it does not force its members to subscribe right away. You can look for samples and ongoing collaborations on the main page of Music Match, or you can let the service recommend some tunes for you based on your preferences. 

The website also has a notification tab like other social media networks where you can keep tabs on your likes, comments, and new followers.


Music Match comes with a free membership and two monthly premium plans that gives you access to more features.


  • The free plan allows you to upload a maximum of 5 samples. 
  • It also allows you participate in maximum 5 song ideas. 


This is the most popular plan and the one I highly recommend. 

  • For $4:99 a month you can upload a Max 20 samples
  • Participate in up to 20 song ideas
  • 5 private song ideas sessions
  • Unlimited Swipes in find your sound mate feature.

Grand Composer 

Grand Composer is for those that operate without boundaries. It gives you unlimited access to all Music Match’s features 

  • Upload unlimited samples 
  • Participate in unlimited song ideas
  • Unlimited private song ideas
  • Unlimited swipes in find your soul mate.

NOTE: After ten swipes the app prompts you to upgrade your free plan. You can earn credits on the platform when you complete  your profile details, invite friends to join MM or when you create a song idea. 

Whether you are an aspiring singer or a veteran composer, Music Match provides you with a platform to showcase yourself on a broader stage. All you need to do is search the website to find other musicians and Music Match will do the rest.

The makers of Music Match spoke about the design and vision behind the site.

– What sets Music Match apart from other alike sites or apps?

We’re not a simple music sharing platform or an instrument to promote your band/songs. What we aim to do here is to explore the depths of a new way of online composing. Once a musical idea is uploaded to Music Match, other musicians can add their own ideas to it (be that a single note or an entirely new approach to a track). We’d like to bring together musicians from all around the globe, give them inspiration and a possibility to make awesome new music together.

– Are you focused on any specific geographic areas?

No boundaries! Music Match is for everyone. 

– Are there any interesting facts and figures?

Music Match is very new, just released short ago. We already have around a 1000 registered users, surprisingly active on the platform 🙂

There is still a lot to come, we have many ideas what to achieve until the end of the year. New features and contests (with prizes) are on the way!

– What is the number one reason my readers should check it out?

Music Match offers a fundamentally new way of online composing. We recommend it to anyone from rookie to veteran musicians looking for inspiration, and who’re into expanding their creativity.

– Is there anything else you’d like my readers to know? 

Music Match is out fresh from the oven, and we’re really happy for early user feedback. So please join the community, give it a try and let us know what you think 🙂

– Also, be sure to try out our “Find your Soundmate” feature! 

When you upload your music or song idea on Music Match, other users can comment and like your music and share it with their other followers to make it reach more people.

Video via Music Match


It’s still new so there isn’t much content available.

No app

The site often feels broken, but it’s still okay, as this is still just an early release of the tool.


Being able to jam with other composers.

The interface is friendly and easy to use. 

You don’t need to be a pro subscriber to enjoy the basic features.

You can search for song ideas and get inspired.


This is a great platform to meet people who share your taste in music and interact with them through comments and shares. With a simple swipe you can discover amazing musicians and can be discovered as well, it’s music without boundaries – what’s not to like? If you are a music lover or creator lacking inspiration or you’re just looking for other composers to connect and collaborate with then you should without hesitation give Music Match a try. It’s a free platform to use so no love lost. Everyone is already working from home anyway so why not give yourself a possible chance to succeed in your music career. visit their website www.MusicMatch.net to register. you can also follow Music Match on Instagram and Facebook.

Music Match currently has over 1000 active users. Start expanding your network by joining Music Match.

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