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Most Influential African Rappers

Most Influential African Rappers


Most Influential African Rappers

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Most Influential African Rappers

Most Influential African Rappers of all time.



Opinion: 12 of the Most Influential African Rappers of all time.

A lot has changed in African hip hop in the last ten years. The right conversations are being had and African hip hop history is now in focus. Within the space of about five years or more, I have highlighted and started discussions around the Greatest African Rappers Of All Time, The Best Female Rappers In Africa, The Top 50 Rappers in Africa, Top Tier collaborations between North America and African rappers, just to name a few. There’s still so much I haven’t unloaded, but we’re getting there.

Conversations of this spectrum rarely takes place on the continent so it’s up to us to start these discussions and ensure African hip hop history is well documented for future references. The blueprint is being laid for future generations to build on and it’s only a matter of time before African hip hop takes it’s true position as the continent’s most influential genre.

As always my lists are not set in stone, it’s strictly based on unbiased opinion. You are free to debate it (respectfully), and proffer more knowledge. I am an open book.


The most influential rappers are those that have been able to inspire a new generation of rappers and shift the culture in a momentous way with trends. Rap prowess and popularity never equates influence that’s why you hear names like Young Thug, Gucci Mane and A$AP Rocky being considered influential, while a renowned lyricist like Biggie rarely gets a nod.


These are some of the most influential African rappers of all time in my GOATED opinion. In rap, originality is key and these artists have or had that at some point in their careers.


Some of these artists may no longer be at their peak but their Seeds are undeniably visible on the African rap landscape. These names are responsible for some of the continents biggest cultural shifts.


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