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Video: Curren$y “Jermaine Dupri”


Video: Curren$y “Jermaine Dupri”

Curren$y Shines in the NOLA Night in “Jermaine Dupri” Video.


Known for his detailed and silky-smooth luxury raps, Curren$y has always gone hard for his hometown of New Orleans. Offering a picturesque look at NOLA at night, Curren$y shares “Jermaine Dupri,” his latest music video. 

Produced with signature sumptuousness by Harry Fraud, who adds a sultry saxophone to the mix, “Jermaine Dupri” finds Curren$y explaining how he went from “hood rich to wealthy,” and reveals that his passion for car collecting was inspired by the music mogul: “As a teen I watched MTV Cribs/Jermaine Dupri had the Continental T in the garage/And said you ain’t a big dog unless you got one of these, yeahAnd now I’m driving precision because now I’m that n****.” 

Upon its release, the song drew praise from Jermaine himself, and helped foster a burgeoning friendship between the OGs.


In the video, directed by Frankie Fire, Curren$y wears a Donald Duck-themed t-shirt and poses with Bentleys and Rolls Royces in a Canal Street garage, all while the Superdome and other NOLA landmarks glisten in the background. 

“Jermaine Dupri” is a highlight track from Curren$y’s recent Collection Agency album, directly following the video for “Shout Out” ft. Larry June.

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