Melle Mel Says Biggie Didn’t Influence Or Impact Hip Hop Like 2Pac Did

Melle Mel says Biggie didn’t influence or impact hip hop like Tupac did

Biggie not as great as 2Pac - Melle Mel.

Melle Mel has been on an interview hot streak lately, sharing unpopular opinions along the way. After claiming he could essentially battle Eminem with his eyes closed during a recent Vlad TV interview, the 59-year old hip hop legend is back with a new hot take. 


Speaking with The Art Of Dialogue, the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five member says The Notorious B.I.G. wasn’t as great as 2Pac, alluding to Pac’s influence and impact in hip hop.

While he admits Biggie was slicker than Pac rap wise, he believes the latter had a more memorable career because his influence inspired a new generation of rappers. 

“If I had to make a choice between who was the better rapper between Biggie and Pac I will choose Biggie,” he said emphatically. “But now if you had to say who was the greater rapper, you would have to choose Pac.”

“I don’t recall a record of anybody saying that they wanted to be like Biggie,” he added. 


In a different clip with DJ Vlad, Melle Mel also explained why he thinks a lot of rappers, including Jay-Z are overrated. 


“I think a lot of rappers are overrated yeah, yeah,” he said. “The main problem that I got with a lot of these dudes, when you made it, you made it. Now you out, forget the street guy act. You’re not street like that. I’m not even a street guy. I’m a hood n-gga. I’m not a street n-gga ’cause I know I’m not going to be on the street like that. And then, to take it a step further, these dudes live in the big houses and they live in the best neighborhoods and there ain’t no street dudes around, but you gonna have this street dude think that being on the street is the right thing to do and the right person to be?”

“You gotta give the people that’s left in the hood something to hold on to to make it out of the hood. What a lot of this Hip Hop shit did is make the ghetto permanent. You ain’t supposed to stay there like that. That’s why I say a lot of them are overrated. What they doin’ is they selling a product and then after the product is done and sold, now they’re still thinking they got product to sell — and they don’t. You live a nice life.”


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