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Video: Problem Feat. Wiz Khalifa “4 The Low”


Video: Problem Feat. Wiz Khalifa “4 The Low”

 The world may no longer be what it used to be but Problem and Wiz Khalifa are grateful to still have marijuana. The two talk about profiting off marijuana and also shed light on minority owned cannabis companies in their latest collaboration produced by Vangogh, Mike & Keys, Kay Franklin and Problem. 


In the accompanying video, directed by Mike Marasco, Problem and Wiz Khalifa blow bags of kush in their bedroom and bike through their neighborhood.

“This video was designed to shine a light on minority-owned cannabis companies,” he explained per Complex. “We have been imprisoned and shunned for the use and distribution of marijuana. It’s a slap in the face to watch these big brands come in and profit with the new legalization while our people are still locked up. It must change. With Wiz being a God in the cannabis world, I appreciate him taking this opportunity to show love to others in the space.”

Watch the music video for “4 The Low” above featuring Wiz Khalifa.

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