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EP: Smokepurpp – Psycho (Legally Insane)


EP: Smokepurpp – Psycho (Legally Insane)

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Known for his hard-living lifestyle and boundless charm, Smokepurpp draws inspiration from the rebellious debauchery of rock star icons like GG Allin and Ozzy Osbourne. Using that inspiration as fuel for his new EP, Purpp shares Psycho (Legally Insane). 

Titled after an urban legend about those who’ve taken more than seven doses in their lifetime (a total Purpp has long surpassed) and with album artwork that pays tribute to Ozzy, Psycho (Legally Insane) finds Purpp experimenting with new flows and an eclectic mix of instrumentals. While some tracks nod towards hip-hop history, like the Memphis-style horrorcore of  “Tic Tac” and Wu-Tang-referencing “Prom Queen,” recent single “We Outside” ft. Lil Mosey, uses a guitar lick that resembles Red Hot Chili Peppers and “Rockstar” allows Purpp to expand his melodic arsenal. 

“Psycho (Legally Insane)” EP is available on all platforms via Alamo Records.

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