Watch King Von’s “Wayne's Story" Video

Von’s team shares a new video for his Welcome To O’Block single “Wayne’s Story.” 

“It’s a story about a shorty and he just grew up bad. He started young. He trying to hit a lick. He tries to go rob a guy named Wayne. Wayne sees him trying to rob him and they get in a shootout. The boy gets away, but Wayne ends up killing the boy’s cousin. It’s just crazy.” - King Von to UPROXX in one of his final interviews.


Directed by Joán based on a treatment King Von wrote himself, he had originally planned to make "Wayne's Story" into a three-part series, like his breakout "Crazy Story." Though he was not able to complete the trilogy, the new video, which was Von's favorite of his videos, lives on as a document of the man's singular talent. 

Watch Wayne’s Story video below. 

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