Video: Mario Judah "Bih Yah"

Mario Judah became an internet sensation for his operatic, hard rock-influenced vocals, macabre lyrics, and wild-eyed intensity. But there's much more to the 21-year-old multi-talent than "Die Very Rough." 

Mario Judah had a busy week last week on socials giving one of his favorite artists, Playboi Carti, an ultimatum: "either drop Whole Lotta Red or I'll drop it for you." Mario has been waiting 2 years for this album and, with no word from Carti himself, he took matters into his own hands for Carti fans around the world – explaining, "I really do want him to drop it. I really like Carti's adlibs, his energy, the baby voice is really unique and he snaps on the craziest beats. I'm doing it for the culture. I don't even make music like him, I'm doing it out of love. We've literally waited 2 years so I'm filling in since you won't do it yourself." 


Mario shares "Bih Yah," his new video. "Bih Yah" showcases his pitch-perfect Carti impersonation, complete with helium-pitched vocals, energetic ad-libs, and borrowed phrases from the Atlanta star's unique lexicon. Surfing atop an 8-bit carnival of self-produced beat, Mario uses "Bih Yah" to indulge his passion for acting, to provide a gift for Carti fans waiting for Whole Lotta Red, proving to fans that he can excel in any style.


"Bih Yah" arrives with a video, which is dark and dramatic in ways fans have come to expect from Mario Judah. Judah doesn't recite his lyrics as much as he inhabits them, and in the video, he delivers each high-pitched lyric with utter conviction. "Bih Yah" was written, recorded, engineered, mixed, and produced by Mario Judah. 

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