Video: Yung Mal “All Cap”

Using his rapidfire patter to pack his rhymes with as many flexes as possible, Yung Mal isn't afraid to let us know how large he lives. Taking aim at those who falsely claim to share his lavish lifestyle, Yung Mal shares "All Cap," his new video single. 

Annihilating a downtempo Gudda Tay production with his soft-spoken bars, Mal doesn't hold back when listing his strengths ("money so long it's everlasting," an expensive lawyer, designer threads) and his rivals' shortcomings (they claim they have those things, but they're all cap). 


In the video, a designer-clad Mal mobs with his Zone 6 associates, complimented by director JuddyRemixDem's stuttering visual effects. 

Watch All Cap video below. 

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