King Von Releases “Welcome To O-Block” His Debut Album

Chicago's King Von Releases Welcome To O-Block, His Debut Album. 

 Relaying street stories with a painter's eye for detail and a playwright's sense of drama, King Von is one of the rap game's most vital voices. Offering up an unfiltered and breathlessly intense portrait of his come-up, King Von shares “Welcome To O-Block,” his debut album and origin story. 

Shaped by his upbringing in his notorious home neighborhood and by his lifelong experiences with the criminal justice system, Von delivers his rhymes with a single-minded energy, laying out the life-or-death stakes of his day-to-day as a rising rap star. The 25-year-old rapper interrogates every corner of his state of mind, revealing the earned confidence and residual paranoia of a man determined to overcome his demons, reach stardom, and provide for his friends and family.


Featuring production from Von's frequent collaborator Chopsquad DJ alongside famous faces like Wheezy, Tay Keith, Hitmaka, and Will-A-Fool, Welcome To O-Block incorporates regional sounds from around the map into Von's dramatic post-drill sound. The rapper reaches a new level of craftsmanship as he covers conflicts and situations familiar to anyone who grew up in a neglected urban environment. Setting the scene with opening track "Armed & Dangerous," Welcome To O-Block finds Von lamenting a friend's betrayal on "Why He Told" and contemplating the harsh decisions faced by people caught up in the justice system on  "How It Go.” Showing his versatility, Von reflects on his sins and shows off his melodic abilities on "Demon," and works through relationship woes on "Mad At You," a duet with fellow Chicagoan Dreezy.

Stream Welcome To O-Block below. 

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