Big Sean, Nasty C, Lil Baby And More Clamor For The Nigerian Government To “End SARS”

UPDATE: On Sunday (Oct. 11), it was announced that Nigeria’s IGP (inspector general of police) dissolved the special police force. The government said a special presidential directive ordered the immediate dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars).

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The hip hop community is speaking up against police brutality in Nigeria. 

Young Nigerians have been abused, extorted, raped and even killed by members of the rogue SARS (Special Anti Robbery Squad), a unit of the Nigerian police force charged with the responsibility of dealing with crimes associated with armed robbery, car snatching and crimes associated with firearms. For the last few years the Unit has moved away from their primary purpose and have become a thorn in the flesh on the Nigerian youths it was created to serve and protect. They have been accused of routinely committing the kind of crimes it was created to thwart. 

With seemingly no end in sight to their barbaric activities, Nigerians have taken to social media and the streets to demand the Nigerian government puts an end to their overzealous killings. As their voices get louder the world is starting to pay attention and more celebrities world wide are using their platforms to join millions of Nigerians to demand an end to police brutality in the country. American singer  Trey Songz took to Twitter to “speak out against what’s going on in Nigeria right now.” 

“Their pleas to #EndSarsNow IS VERY REAL,” he wrote on Twitter. “I have so much love for my Nigerian fans and it’s so hurtful to hear whats happening.”

Chance The Rapper wrote “#EndSARS NOW #ENDSARSNOW

“I just started reading up on this travesty taking place in Nigeria. If you have more info to dispense in the replies I’m all ears.”

South African rapper Nasty C also shared his view on the happenings in Nigeria. “World is fucked up & the people that are supposed to serve & protect are often the biggest problem smh.”

Other American and African hip hop artists to advocate for the end of police brutality n Nigeria includes Lil Baby, E.L., Big Sean and more. Check out more reactions from members of the hip hop community below.


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