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Video: Young Dolph “Cray Cray”


Video: Young Dolph “Cray Cray”

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Young Dolph Can’t Change His Womanizing Ways in “Cray Cray” Video

Young Dolph’s music videos combine his undeniable rap bangers with elements of comedy and tributes to his favorite films and film directors. In his new video for “Cray Cray,” a new video from his biggest-ever album Rich Slave, Dolph showcases his acting skills as he visits his various female friends across town.

Produced by Bandplay, “Cray Cray” finds Dolph sharing boastful details about his twin vices of women and wealth: “Money blue, diamonds too, ain’t no rules, n**** (Uh)/I went swimmin’ and lost a Rolex in the pool, n**** (Uh)/Fell asleep on one b*tch and woke up with two, n***** (What?)/If you was livin’ like this, shit, what would you do, n*****?”

Directed by Young Dolph himself, the “Cray Cray” video pays tribute to Dolph’s favorite director John Singleton, particularly his 2001 film Baby Boy, and features a cameo appearance from That Girl Lay Lay (the youngest female rapper to ever sign a record deal), who finesses a band out of Dolph when she catches him with a woman he’s not supposed to see.

Watch the video below.

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