Video: Ayam JC “Ben 10 Kim Possible”

Buffalo, NY artist Ayam JC smokes a joint in his bedroom in the laid-back video for “Ben 10 Kim Possible.”

“[The track] is a reference to the animated child cartoons shows "Ben 10" and "Kim Possible,” JC says in a press statement. “In the show "Ben 10", Ben is a teenage kid who can transform into any alien creature he thinks of by tapping a watch he wears on his wrist in order to defeat whatever trouble is there. Kim Possible also wears a watch she uses to communicate to her team what she needs when she needs it. The implication is that like them two, I myself can make anything possible with a "flick of the wrist" hence the hook.”

“Ben 10 Kim Possible" is off his "LIGHT THE UGLY", tape released in May.

Watch the video above.

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