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Twitter Permanently Suspends Talib Kweli, Following Repeated Harassment Of Black Woman


Twitter Permanently Suspends Talib Kweli, Following Repeated Harassment Of Black Woman

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Late July, rapper Talib Kweli posted a lengthy message on Instagram announcing his exodus from Twitter after 11 years on the platform.

“I have officially left @twitter for the greener pastures of @patreon which is membership fee based,” Kweli wrote. “Now most of my exchanges will always be with real fans who invest in me.”

New information suggests Kweli didn’t leave Twitter voluntarily. A spokesperson for the social media site told Jezebel Kweli was permanently suspended for violating Twitter rules.

“[Talib Kweli’s] account has been permanently suspended after repeated violations of the Twitter rules. Twitter’s purpose is to serve the public conversation. Violence, harassment and other similar types of behavior discourage people from expressing themselves, and ultimately diminish the value of global public conversation. Our rules are to ensure all people can participate in the public conversation freely and safely.”

The suspension stems from Kweli’s needles exchange with a 24-year old black woman Maya Moody. Early July a clip of rappers 50 Cent and Lil Wayne talking about dating non-black women surfaced online, prompting a twitter user to ask, which rappers aside from Snoop Dogg, are married to black rappers. Another twitter user responded with a list of rappers, including Kweli, who are married to black women.

Moody, on July 9 responded to the list, writing: “Literally almost all of them are married to lightskinned women but that’s a conversation for another day.”

Kweli caught wind of it and responded to Moody’s tweet the following day

“Nah let’s have this convo today,” he tweeted. “Are we talking all of my relationships? My children’s mother as well? Or are you only talking about who you think I’m currently in a relationship right now? I mean, is any of this really any of your business?”

His comments didn’t stop there, Kweli reportedly targeted Moody for weeks on social media, insisting she apologized or deleted her twitter account.

“I can go for 13 years if you come for my family. I’m just getting started,” Kweli replied to a twitter user who accused him of harrasment.

Moody also claims Kweli harassed her on Instagram and used his fans to leak sensitive information about her life and family.

“Talib Kweli has been on a week-long harassment spree directed at me via Twitter and Instagram, which has led to his followers threatening to murder my family and I for [my] tweet,” she wrote in a statement. “I have also been threatened with human trafficking, and [his followers] have been posting pictures of my parents online, who are ALL federal employees, along with their full names, where we live, and my stepmother’s old job and salary.”

In an email to Jezebel, who have a detailed and lengthy account of the exchange, Kweli denied that he was harassing Moody. “Maya Moody is a liar,” he wrote. “I’ve never cyber harassed anyone in my life. I responded, on Twitter, to the lies that Maya posted about me. When you respond to someone who posts lies about you, that is not harassment.”

Moody is reportedly not the only woman who has been a victim of Kweli’s incessant harassment. A two-hour-long YouTube video from 2019 details seven months of targeted harassment against Yvette Carnell, YouTuber and ADOS (African Descendents of Slaves) co-founder.

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