Smokepurpp “Said A Lotta Things”

Smokepurpp Learns to Live with Regret in "Said A Lotta Things.”

He made his name with mosh pit-ready bangers, but Smokepurpp is just as effective when he simmers down. Today, Smokepurpp shares "Said A Lotta Things," a regret-filled, bite-sized trap ballad.

Crooning atop a muted guitar melody from Thank You Fizzle (Gunna, Lil Pump), Purpp reflects on how his partying habits have serious effects on his emotional well-being: "I was on 10 xans when I told you you were my girlfriend/I was on 9 percocets when I told you that I love you/And when I told you I love you I was high on mushrooms." The song gets a lift from Purpp's burbling, high-pitched ad-libs, which provide a secondary hook.

“Said A Lotta Things" is Purpp's first new song since the release of Florida Jit, his recent project.

Listen below.

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