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Video: King Von “Why He Told”

King Von

Video: King Von “Why He Told”

‪The Chicago Rising Star Tells a Story of Betrayal in His First Official Release Since His LeVon James Project.‬

‪With a fully developed sense of drama and serious attention to detail, King Von is the rap game’s foremost street storyteller. Processing his friend’s betrayal atop producer Chopsquad DJ’s emotional pianos, King Von shares “Why He Told,” his new video single. ‬

‪Delivering each line with a blend of anger, sadness, and disbelief, Von relays a story of a close friend who took a plea deal with the feds: “B*tch I woulda bonded you out/You coulda stayed at my house/We would’ve figured it out/You took the easiest route.”‬

‪Directed by Joán, the video brings Von’s lyrics to life, relaying the song’s story from the perspective of Von and the friend who wronged him. “Why He Told” alternates scenes of Von reminiscing about his friendship, while Von’s former friend is haunted by guilt and afraid for his life.‬

“‪Why He Told” is Von’s first new single since the release of LeVon James, Von’s latest album, released in March. Watch the video above. ‬

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