Video: Action Bronson “Latin Grammys”

Action Bronson returns with a new video single, Latin Grammys, his first of 2020. 

In the song’s video, Bam Bam takes part in a strongest man competition, which is fitting considering he recently lost 80 pounds. “I may not be able to touch my toes but I will still f*** these hos,” he raps on the track.

“This one was meant to be right here. This one was destined to happen since 2012," Bronson told Zane Lowe, who premiered the track. “You know what I mean? It was destiny. So it happened. I know when a song is good if I go over the bridge and I cry when it's on. So I've cried on three different bridges already. George Washington, the Williamsburg, the Triborough. All three bridges, beautiful views. Cry."

Watch the video for "Latin Grammys" below.

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