Video: Rouge Feat. AKA “One By One”

Rouge and AKA shoot a futuristic video for their upbeat collaboration “One By One.”

Dressed in all black, Rouge gets in formation and showcases her dance moves while Kiernan flexes his autotuned-backed vocals.

“Everything I need in life is love,” AKA sings. “I’m busy/Now you gon break my heart in pieces.”

In more news: AKA launches his very own subscription channel AKA TV today. The app based TV will feature exclusive contents from the South African rapper including music previews, behind the scene footages, live performances, documentaries and more. AKA TV will also include new episodes of culinary and travel shows, where he interviews and visits prominent figures.

The app is currently available for download on the iOS and Android app stores. AKA TV premium goes for 49.99 per month.
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