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Video: Flipp Dinero – “How I Move” ft. Lil Baby

Lil Baby

Video: Flipp Dinero – “How I Move” ft. Lil Baby

Drawing attention in the Five Boroughs and beyond for his raspy melodies and fresh flow, Flipp Dinero is one of Brooklyn’s brightest stars. Returning to the scene with a new video for his latest hit single, Flipp shares “How I Move.” 
Produced by Kyle Stemberger & Pluto Beats, “How I Move” is a snaking, flute-laden trap track, as Flipp and guest rapper Lil Baby prove why they set trends with their money-making ways: “Beam and a Jag’, got the Benz’ on the lot/Went and copped me a crib just to park up the drop,” rhymes Flipp. 
In the video, directed by Kid Art, Flipp and Baby realize that rival rappers aren’t the only people watching their moves–the feds are too. The slickly-shot video finds Flipp and Baby carefully removing any trace of their whereabouts before a SWAT team storms their safe house. As the team searches their house, Flipp and Baby deliver their verses from a building ledge before heading to a new location for their next blow-out.

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