Justin Bieber & Quavo's 'Bad Intentions' Video Spark Donations For Homeless Shelter

Justin Bieber and Quavo's video for Bad intentions has helped raise over $10,000 for Alexandria House - A nonprofit organization that provides shelter for homeless women and homeless women with children.

The video released on Friday (Feb. 7) spotlights the story of a group of women in search of a better life in Los Angeles. The heartwarming visual closed out with Justin and Quavo revealing they donated $200,000 to the non-profit organization. They also directed viewers and fellow good-doers to a link where they can help with donations. 

Alexandria House tell TMZ they've received an influx of donations in small denominations from all over the world including Italy, China and Romania. In addition to monetary rewards, the organization also says its website traffic increased by 800% compared to the day before the video dropped.

Some of the funds donated will be going towards payment of tuition and after-school programs for the kids of the three women spotlighted in the video.

The rest of the money will reportedly aid the 30 current residents and some 200 former residents ... so they can buy textbooks, furniture for their new homes and even car repairs

"Bad Intentions" will appear on Justin Bieber's fifth album "Changes," which arrives this Friday.