AKA & Riky Rick Join Costa Titch On "Nkalakatha" Remix

Riky Rick and AKA add stellar verses to fellow South African rapper Costa Titch's buzzing single Nkalakatha.

Riky raps with a chip on his shoulder about his innate swag and friends in high places.

"Made so many friends in high places/Ricky Rick don’t even need to rap," he brags. "So don’t tell me about social media stats/I’m God level."

AKA keeps his feud with Nigerian artist Burna Boy alive with unnecessary subliminal shots. "I am the king of the jungle, Julius Caesar/ Cancel my people, cancel your visa/ Nobody gon enter/ South Aah is the kingdom, the garden of Eden/ And I'm at the center/ The public protector."

Listen to Costa Tich's "Nkalakatha Remix" featuring Riky Rick and AKA below:

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