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Video: Neak Feat. Taylor Iman “Dreamer’s Sadness”


Video: Neak Feat. Taylor Iman “Dreamer’s Sadness”

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9-to-5 Neak. 

Neak returns with a sombre video for “Dreamer’s Sadness” featuring vocalist/songstress Taylor Iman. 
In the Robert Yanik and Megan Connolly directed clip, the Chicago native sits uninspired in his desk job and wonders the hallway mentally detached as the days frantically go by.
“Life’s cycle goes young, old, back again, double dutch, take control, look within it’s on you to be the best you that ever did it,” he raps before later adding “I plan to leave a path tailored to my kid’s kids, and show em life’s biggest lesson’s is to give, it’s not about you, it’s not about the fruit, you’re born with, the power’s for the less fortunate and how you pull em through.”
The song, which doubles as an ode to legendary R&B/Soul/Funk group ‘Kool and The Gang’ can be found on Neak’s latest album KWESBAAR.
Watch Dreamer’s Sadness video below.

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