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Video: Berner “No Borders” Feat. Eladio Carrión


Video: Berner “No Borders” Feat. Eladio Carrión

The Rapper/Entrepreneur Shares a Tropical Video for a Bilingual Banger from La Plaza.

A curator of vibes, San Francisco rapper/entrepreneur Berner has exquisite taste. Retreating to a tropical paradise with a cadre of models and a fleet of jetskis, Berner shares “No Borders,” his latest video. 
Heavily influenced by Reggaeton and with an engaging hook from Latin rapper/singer Eladio Carrión, “No Borders” is a barrier-crossing banger, as Berner and Eladio make clear that getting faded feels the same in any area of the globe. In the video, directed by Farid, Berner and Eladio kick back in a seaside villa, smoking up under palm trees and enjoying the company of beautiful women. “No Borders” is the latest video from La Plaza, Berner’s 36th studio album and his fourth of 2019.
Watch ‘No Borders’ video above. 

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