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Video: E-40 – “I Don’t Like ‘Em” Feat. Cousin Fik & Laroo


Video: E-40 – “I Don’t Like ‘Em” Feat. Cousin Fik & Laroo

The Hip-Hop Legend Burnishes the Bay-Detroit Connection, Educates the Masses With the Latest Video From Practice Makes Paper.

A prolific slang originator with decades of experience, E-40 is a model for rap game success. Expressing his distaste for snitches, lames, and fake friends, 40 shares “I Don’t Like ‘Em,” his latest video.
Produced by Traxx FDR, “I Don’t Like ‘Em” is a glistening, minor-key mob slapper (a term coined by 40 himself), providing a cinematic backdrop for 40 to make clear that he does not suffer hypocrites: “So many really fufu, game-goofy cornballs/Where your daddies and your uncles at? Who raised y’all?/If the shoe fit then wear it, my n****, please/N****s don’t wanna see you blessed, even when you sneeze.”
In the video, 40 sips Earl Stevens Selections wine and E.Cuarenta tequila as he holds court with two fellow Northern Californians, Sick Wid It Records signee Cousin Fik and Bay Area veteran Laroo, as a pesky police officer desperately tries to find an informant who will give up any information on the Don.
“I Don’t Like ‘Em” is the latest video from Practice Makes Paper, 40’s latest full-length, following the Bay-Detroit connecting “I Come From the Game”.

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