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Shane Eagle Enlists Bas, Nasty C For “Dark Moon Flower” Mixtape


Shane Eagle Enlists Bas, Nasty C For “Dark Moon Flower” Mixtape

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Shane Eagle’s highly anticipated debut mixtape ‘Dark Moon Flower’ has arrived.

Spearheaded by songs such as Black and PARIS, “Dark Moon Flower” features collaborations with some of Shane’s “favorite artists in the world” including Nasty C, Bas and PatrickxxLee.
On the project the South African offers a perfect blend of egotistical and sentimental raps.

“Instead of letting my experiences become my downfall, I kind of use them as my strength,” Eagle says about the project. On songs like “Evolve”, being able to scream and let that out means when I’m done recording it doesn’t affect me. It’s therapeutic, and being able to rap those lyrics empowers me and also empowers the listener at the end of the day. It does take something for me to create those records ’cause sometimes you need to say the right thing for someone to get the message. On ‘Story Time’ especially, the production is very hard and there’s almost this futuristic way of telling a story. I’m tapping into that when I say ‘I had to lose my father in order to find the keys to the cage.’ So the thing that I lost actually gave me direction. I just tell my true life story and put it into the music, that’s what’s gotten me to this point.”
Listen to Dark Moon Flower below.

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