MCskill ThaPreacha Talks Rap Beef In Nigeria & Explains 'Alpha Cougar Group'

'NUCLEUS Vol. 1' is out now.

In part 2 of our chat with MCskill ThaPreacha, the rapper spoke on the ongoing rap feuds in Nigeria and his previous run-in with Vector. 

As he explained in part 1 of our interview when asked why he cited Positive Energy as his favorite track on NUCLEUS. "Futuristic rhymes as I didn't know the whole beef in Nigerian Hip Hop would escalate to this level so it feels like i wrote the song yesterday."

Following his aforementioned comments, our conversation quickly delved a bit into the numerous rap beefs going on in Naija. 

"When M [M.I.] dropped YRSFUYL, I lost respect for him cos I feel the song was disrespectful to rappers putting in work," MCskill said. "And I believe he was just trying to use that song to increase his album buzz." 

In part 2 of the Creative interview, MCskill reveals what he hopes fans get out of his music, if he'll ever make a gospel album and he details what Alpha Cougar Group is all about.

Second half of our interview with MCskill ThaPreacha. Lightly edited for content and clarity.

Who do you think is winning [M.I. Abaga Vs Vector] so far?

[Laughs] I'm not one to take sides in beef. I dissed Vector in 2012 and  we haven't spoken since then, I don't know if he's still mad or not. When M dropped YRSFUYL, I lost respect for him cos i feel the song was disrespectful to rappers putting in work and i believe he was just trying to use that song to increase his album buzz. So you see, I'm not feeling either rappers or what they're currently doing. The state of Nigerian Hip Hop requires heavyweights doing collabs, tours and everything possible together for us to at least be as big as Afrobeats. It's almost 2020, Rappers gotta eat.

You dissed Vector? Wow. I wasn’t paying attention to African hip hop back then so I apologize for not knowing. Was it a full diss track? And why did you decide to have a go at him?

[Laughs] yeah it was a full diss track (titled The Funeral pt. 1). Sure you'll find it somewhere online, I took down all diss tracks from my personal pages as I've vowed never to diss another rapper after i also dissed A-Q in 2013 or so... We went back and forth and that was that, we pretty cool now.

I dissed VEC for this exact thing he got going now...dissing another rapper. [Laughs] Back then, I just wanted him to have a taste of what he was giving out.

It just proves you’ve grown so much, not only as an artist but as an individual. What would it take for you to get entangled in a rap beef again?

To be honest, i wouldn't know till it actually happens. But i hope it doesn't, I still write battle bars [Laughs].

You stay ready. Just in case.

[Laughs] Yeah.

10th project on the 10th day of the 10th month and 11th project on the 11th day of the 11th month. Should we be expecting your 12th project on the 12th day of the 12th month?

It could happen if I don't go on a planned trip. Would be awesome!

It should happen. You gotta give the people what they want.


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What do you hope fans get out of listening to your music?

To be uplifted.

Would you ever make a gospel album?

Yes, I hope to make one someday. It's on my things to do before I retire list.

Retire? Is Hip-Hop a young Man’s sport?

[Laughs] I know as a rapper, you can't ever retire successfully, but i wanna take on more roles in Hip Hop and music generally. Like my new company @AlphaCougarGrp I wanna grow it, manage artistes, get them deals etc so when i said retire i meant not rapping and releasing projects like i used to.

What is Alpha Cougar Group about?

It's an artiste management / Digital distribution company and beyond music we also launching a delivery service and fashion outfit asap.

This is the move right here. Congratulations

Thanks fam.

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