Kanye West Says He'll Never Perform His Old Music Again

"When you walk in the Apple store, you don't see no iPod 4."

Still no 'Jesus Is King' (yet) but we have a new Kanye West interview to talk about.

On Friday West sat down with veteran on-air personality Big Boy on LA's Real 93.3 to talk about an array of topics including losing his audience, judgemental opinions, his support for Donald Trump, how A$AP Rocky inspired his new cult look, Slavery and more.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kanye was asked if he will ever perform his old songs again, to which he replied:

"They made movies about Steve Jobs so y'all could understand who I am," he said. "Now, when you go to the Apple store, I don't be seeing no iPod 4 . . . Take you to eBay and get you the old Kanye and get you a vintage iPod 4 while you're at it, a Sega 8-bit."

How do y'all feel about this? Watch the full interview below.

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