Young Dolph & Key Glock Take Us Behind-The-Scenes with "The Making of Dum & Dummer"

Growing their Paper Route EMPIRE 'til it stretches from sea to shining sea, Young Dolph and Key Glock independently worked their way onto rap's A-List.

Giving a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of the making of their joint album Dum & Dummer, Dolph and Glock share "The Making of Dum & Dummer," a new feature-length vlog. Packed with colorful moments between friends and more camo-wrapped cars than you can count, the new vlog emphasizes the jocular atmosphere and family mentality of everyone involved in the project, giving less an impression of an empire as a very successful small business.

Highlights from the vlog include BTS footage of high-concept recent videos like "Water On Water On Water" and "Baby Joker, clips of Dolph recording his signature ad-libs, a high-stakes game of pool at the PRE mansion, and charming footage of the lived-in bond between Dolph, Glock, and the rest of PRE brethren.

Powered by punchy lyrics, dynamic chemistry, and the dramatic production of Bandplay, Dum & Dummer peaked at #8 on the Billboard 200.

Watch the making of Dum & Drummer" in the video above. 

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