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Nef The Pharaoh Shares “High Voltage” ft. Tyga, Announces Upcoming Mushrooms & Coloring Books Album


Nef The Pharaoh Shares “High Voltage” ft. Tyga, Announces Upcoming Mushrooms & Coloring Books Album


Nef The Pharaoh Announces Mushrooms & Coloring Books Album, Featuring Tyga, ALLBLACK, Sada Baby & More, Arriving 8/12 via Sick Wid It Records / EMPIRE.

One of the most verbally dexterous emcees from any region, Nef The Pharaoh is the standard-bearer for the new wave of Bay Area rap. Preparing a new showcase for his party-starting and psychedelic brand of regional rap, Nef announces “Mushrooms & Coloring Books,” his upcoming album.
Spanning 16 tracks, the project builds on the foundation of Bay Area rap music, spicing it up with a different sonic element on each summer-ready track. Running the gamut from mob music to electro-funk to smooth jazz to Ibiza-friendly dance-rap, Mushrooms & Coloring Books proves Nef’s endless adaptability, weaving his malleable flow between hits of acid bass, breaking into nursery rhyme patter, and even flashing a skill with melody when the occasion calls.
Featuring appearances from Tyga, Sada Baby, ALLBLACK, Slimmy B of SOB x RBE, Rexx Life Raj, ShooterGang Kony, LOE Gino, and Scando The Darklord, and with production from Brodinski along with Bay Area mainstays like Djfresh and DTB, Mushrooms & Coloring Books releases on August 12th via Sick Wid It Records/EMPIRE.
Along with the announcement of the album, Nef shares “High Voltage,” a simmering and sultry slapper. With DTB providing a minimalist beat marked by echoing Rhodes, sunbursts of bells, rumbling bass, and snapping snares, “High Voltage” an anthem for late night trysts, as Nef unleashes a series of clever, playalistic bars: “Gotta have Guala to talk money/B*tch I look fly, Giuseppe’s make me walk funny/I done multiplied my cash, teacher said I’d be a dummy/Now I got big-faced hunnids and little-faced hunnids.” 
The new single boasts a snarling appearance from Tyga, who lends his signature SoCal slickness to the proceedings. “High Voltage” is the second release from the upcoming album, following the hyper-local “South Vallejo.”

Mushrooms & Coloring Books Tracklist:

1. Needed You Most (prod by montage)
2. Hit The Blade (prod by Apollo jets )
3. South Vallejo (prod by djfresh )
4. High Voltage (feat. Tyga) (prod by DTB)
5. Drought (prod by Jslappy)
6. Lethal Weapon (feat. Slimmy B) (prod by DTB)
7. Purple Cups (feat. LOE Gino) (prod by Koast)
8. Tap Yo Pussy (prod by djfresh )
9. This Bitch Said
10. Beat That Vest Up (feat. Shootergang Kony) (prod by DTB)
11. Rockstar
12. Soulless (feat. Scando The Darklord)
13. Love Got Us Beefin
14. Left Me In The Mud (feat. Sada Baby) (prod by djfresh)
15. Still I Rise (feat. Rexx Life Raj) (prod by konz beats )
16. Attempt 2 Snatch by Nef The Pharaoh (feat. ALLBLACK) (prod b

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