Video: Fat Joe Feat. Dre & Lil Wayne "Pullin"

UPDATE: A video for the hard hitting track is now available.

Oh, man.

Over a classic Marvin Gay sample, Fat Joe raps about moving bricks ("Joe Crack been slippin the feds since the 80's/Moving that white boy, yeah that's "Slim Shady"), and being swagged out ("The only J's that matter is the rock piece and this/TS logo diamonds dripping on the Fashion Nova") on his new street single Pullin.

Following a quick chorus and verse from Dre Of Cool And Dre. Lil Wayne takes over with a solid closing verse. "I never knew how much you never knew of what you never knew," Wayne raps "I'm from the jungle not the pettin zoos and you look edible/Silence on the Glock, cause I'm just tryna to hold the noise."

Listen to Fat Joe's new heat below. 

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