Video: Young Dolph 'Crashin' Out'

Young Dolph is the poster boy for independent success, using his business acumen to build a massive legion of friends without major assistance. Coming through with his first new single of 2019, Dolph shares "Crashin' Out."

Combining street-level wisdom with extravagant boasts, "Crashin' Out" is classic Dolph: "Never signed a deal, but I got more guap than all-a y'all," Dolph intones at the beginning of the track's second verse. It's not bragging if you're speaking the truth--and Dolph only speaks facts. In the visual, Dolph takes his fleet of camo-wrapped luxury cars to Manhattan, pokes his head out the window of his Wraith as he cruises down avenues, and hits up Midtown's famous Halal Guys for late-night grub.

Watch the video below.

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