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Phlow x MC Bravado “Hip Hop” (Prod. By @Teck-Zilla)


Phlow x MC Bravado “Hip Hop” (Prod. By @Teck-Zilla)


Hip hop has grown from a street culture to a theatrical art form that is now being studied in colleges. From being performed by a few to being the most celebrated genre and culture in the world. Hip Hop has impacted lovers of the culture in so many ways. Nas called her “the object of my affections.” 
Although the genre is seemingly being watered down to be more inclusive to outsiders of the culture. The essence of the art form would forever be unchanged. Lagos based MC,  Phlow and Baltimore’s MC Bravado team up with prolific producer, TeckZilla to share their “Hip Hop” stories.
“I’ve confessed in the booth when I’m led astray,” raps Bravado.  “Prayed and repented in a debt that I could never pay/It’s like placing a penny in collection plate.”
Following a nostalgic mash up from Teck Zilla that  includes classic lines from the likes of JAY Z, The Notorious B.I.G. and more – Phlow takes over. “I swear this music saves me daily,” she confesses. ”The thudding of the base cud shake the shyest one out bravely/The snare could make you dare to tell ur story/Be it lamely about a little quiet girl/What found the flow and made it namely.”
Listen to Hip Hop below.

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