Hoodrich Pablo Juan "Slang Dope"

A first-ballot entrant to the flexer's hall of fame, Hoodrich Pablo Juan is not afraid to show off his ill-gotten gains. Coming through with an anthem for his fellow dealers, Pablo shares "Slang Dope," his new single.

Repeating the titular phrase until it becomes a hypnotic mantra, Pablo crafts a bite-sized banger, creating tension with his soft-spoken delivery atop distant, whirring synths and distorted bass. "Slang Dope" is the latest single from BLO, Pablo's upcoming project, arriving this spring via 1017 Eskimo/Alamo.

"Slang Dope" is the latest in a series of standout singles from the upcoming project. Last week, Pablo teamed with Smooky Margielaa for "Can't Fall In Luv."

Listen below.

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