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T.I. Disses Floyd Mayweather On New Track “Fuck Nigga”


T.I. Disses Floyd Mayweather On New Track “Fuck Nigga”

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There was really no need for Tip to record this but I’m not complaining. 

A quick summary if I can. 
Gucci recently debuted a wool balaclava sweater which totally mimics blackface (Can’t tell me otherwise) then pretends they didn’t know when the public backlash was getting loud. T.I, Soulja Boy, Spike Lee and most recently 50 cent have all called for a boycott of the luxury brand.
Floyd Mayweather who is an absolute moron decides to go against the proposed boycott by splurging thousands of dollars on Gucci merchandise because “I do what the fuck I wanna do.”
Listen … I’m not hating on Floyd spending his money … he’s allowed to buy and do whatever he wants with it because he’s earned it. My main issue with him on this entire situation are the ignorant comments that came out of his mouth. 
Anyway, Tip is pissed and that’s pretty much what gave birth to this track. 

Warranted or not, this track is low-key fire. Stream it below.

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