Meek Mill Talks Pusha T & Drake Beef: "No Such Thing As Going Too Hard"

Meek Mill continues to make the rounds in promotion of his fourth studio album "Championships". Following his appearance on Hot 97 earlier, the Philadelphia native made his way to Angie Martinez's show on Power 105 to talk about a few things including going on a double date with JAY Z and Beyoncé, his relationship with Drake and more.

During the interview, Meek also spoke on Drake's beef with Pusha T. The 6 God during an episode of LeBron's Undisputed show on HBO accused the Virginia MC of crossing the line with his diss when he brought up 40's battle with multiple sclerosis, but Meek - who previously had problems with Drizzy -  believes Pusha was well within the limits of battle rap.

“Ain’t no such thing as going too hard. I would tell Drake that when I see him, too,” he said. “I’m just tellin’ you, I’m come from where niggas sayin’, ‘We will smoke your mom.’ Like, ‘We will lay on your mom and smoke her. Your dad is a rat. Your sister is a hoe.'”

Meek went on to point out how ruthless beef in this era can be and how he wasn't prepared for the jokes and memes that followed.

"It wasn't no rules on me," he said. "They got memes, all types of shit going on. I don't know what to do. I'm in the mix. I'm confused now," he explained. "Ain't no rules, though, you can take any stance you want, you can do it how you want. Just, you know, continue your legacy and be great."

Watch the full interview below.

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