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Papoose & Remy Ma “The Golden Child”


Papoose & Remy Ma “The Golden Child”

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Papoose and Remy Ma dedicate new song featuring Angelica Villa to their unborn child.

Papoose and Remy Ma are so close to the arrival of their first child. In excitement, the longterm couple release a new track dedicated to their Unborn.
Over production made up mostly of the baby’s heartbeat. Pap and Remy struggle to control their excitement as they talk about the loving things they intend to spoil the baby with. While Pap teaches the baby to respect its elders – “Always respect your elders, say “thank you” and “please” – Remy offers a message of hope to other women facing similar struggle – “Never think of givin’ up/Doc said that we couldn’t, but look what God has given us!”
“This isn’t your typical song!!! This is genuine love, admiration, & happiness for our unborn!!!! Those doctors said it wasn’t possible!!!! No prison wall, miscarriage, or anything can stop us now!!” Pap shared on his Instagram
The heartwarming track will appear on Papoose’s upcoming underrated project due November 23rd. Listen to ‘The Golden Child’ featuring Angelica Villa below.

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