Neak "For My City"

The Chicago native returns with a new introspective track.

Neak is unapologetically black on his new single "For My City."
over soulful production from Rashid Hadee, The Chicago MC tackles racial prejudice while also offering words of "endearment to my brothers."

"I see the gangs and Goldie in rangs / call em Kings on that corners, not descendants of a slave,"  he raps. "We greater than what history done made us.... / we greater than prison won't let you chain us... / new generation of thinkers, not perfect.

"This record is definitely a new favorite of mine because of how personal and relatable it felt when recording," Neak says about the track via a press mail.

For My City follows last month's release "Legacy." Both tracks are expected to appear on his upcoming self-produced album KWESBARR.

Get lost in thoughts with Neak below.

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