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Video: Teck-Zilla x AWKWORD Feat. Modenine , Wakazi, Holstar, Five Steez & More “I Am”


Video: Teck-Zilla x AWKWORD Feat. Modenine , Wakazi, Holstar, Five Steez & More “I Am”

AWKWORD finally delivers a video for his global hip-hop collaboration I Am. The track produced by Teck-Zilla showcases a more personal side of each artist featured on the track as they rap about lack of respect for hip hop (Mode Nine: “But over here, they desecrating the art form/ Lying to themselves like, Mode too hard for ’em), America’s confused state (AWKWORD: “We need a man in a cape in the land of the brave, these days”).

Choosing to not feel remoserful (Five Steez: “The industry shady, sometimes, only stress/ But I chose my direction and there’s no regrets”).

Being a young vet (Holstar: An ’80s baby, when Hip Hop was in its infancy)

Wanting to be celebrated (Latasha Alcindor: “All I want in life is to make living off a mics”).

Politics (Third Eye: “The warm heart of Africa, there’s never no war/ But then we fight against the odds just to even the score/ But in Malawi what’s war, is adding up all these votes/ For these fat politicians never knowing the score”).

Staying focus (Wakazi: “No one to give me, so you know, I had to take mine”) .

And family (The Assembly: “family is more than just next of kin”).

Maka keeps it all tied together with a soothing hook about resilience. “Everything you gave me/ Made me, who I am.”

“I am” was released in 2016 by American rapper and philanthropist AWKWORD. All proceeds from the sale of the song have gone toward financing the creation of the video, shot on location in all four continents.

You can support by coppin the song, and also by streaming the video below.

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